Learning Curves Childcare


At Learning Curves we encourage interactions between toddlers and older children under supervision, seeing this a beneficial to both age groups. Unfettered play between different age groups provides toddlers with opportunities to learn from older children and develop social skills from a young age. It also allows older children an avenue to develop nurturing behaviourĀ and the chance to learn how to care for those around them.

At Learning Curves Blockhouse Bay we also provide a special heuristic play session at least once a week for our under-2’s/toddlers. Heuristic play is when young children are given the opportunity to explore and examine the properties of everyday objects of their own accord. This is accomplished by providing our toddlers with their own room under teacher supervision, where varying different objects are placed for the children to dicover and examine as they please. For example an apple could be left out in one part of the room for a toddler to find and interact with, learning by touching, playing with and eating the apple. We have had great success with these sessions, allowing the children to learn through their play and also being great fun too. For more information on heuristic play and how it can benefit your toddler please follow this link.