Learning Curves Childcare


Literacy and numeracy are important skills for children to develop from a young age, recognising this we have placed emphasis on providing opportunities for children to begin growing their competency in these areas. From the age of four, or earlier if children display an interest, all children at Learning Curves are given a writing book to practice in with the assistance of a teacher. As children near school age they will also be encouraged to begin writing their own names on things they create at day care, such as their artwork. We also provide a lending library of books that any family with children of any age can access. Children will be given their own book bag and can select from a range of books at different levels to read with parents at home. To promote numeracy, children will be taught to count in both English and Te Reo Maori through means such as song/waiata and number sheets to practice copying numerals, along with numeracy based toys and play areas being provided for the children.