Learning Curves Childcare


Learning Curves Blockhouse Bay first opened in 1994 and has enjoyed much success over the last two decades. Learning Curves Blockhouse Bay offers a large play area, catering to up to 39 children on any one day. At our Blockhouse Bay centre we also provide spaces for children from the age of 12 months, should you wish to enroll your under-2 year old we simply ask they can walk and sleep only once during the day.

Located at the top of Kinross St, only 2 minutes walk from Blockhouse Bay village, this location also provides easy access to the shops, library, beach and parks for the children to go on excursions to. As a major traffic thoroughfare, having a centre on Kinross St also provides easy access to drop your children off and pick them up again to and from work.

Learning Curves Blockhouse Bay has a large play ground and sand pit, large outdoor play house, Kiwi Kiwi Whanau room which doubles as a play area and sleep room, a large plum tree and tamariki-only play room among other areas for your children to learn and have fun. Our tamariki-only play room is a room within the main building which belongs to the children only. We have enjoyed great success with this room, allowing an area for children to develop their social negotiation skills and take pride in caring for.

Learning Curves also provides a specialised program for Under-2’s to help maximise learning and development. For more information on this please visit our Toddlers program page.

Learning Curves emphasizes a strong Transition to School program and at our Blockhouse Bay centre we are fortunate to have a large number of local schools we visit with the children preparing for school. Schools we visit include Blockhouse Bay Primary, St Dominic’s Primary, Green Bay Primary, Chaucer Primary, New Windsor Primary and Glenavon Primary, among others. The schools we visit are based on where the children nearing age 5 at the time of the visit will be attending.

If you feel Learning Curves Blockhouse Bay is the right centre for you please do not hesitate to contact us or come visit us at:

11 Kinross St

Blockhouse Bay


(09) 626 3270