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“Children show high levels of engagement in group and individual play. They have many choices within the broad range of opportunities provided. Teachers are proactive about and responsive to children’s interests, needs and strengths. They use questioning and conversations well to extend children’s thinking, knowledge and curiosity. Children are encouraged to participate in decision-making about programmes and routines.” – Education Review Office Findings,  19/02/2016.




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Excellent teaching staff with great passion. My son enjoyed his time with the great people of this centre last two years. They helped him to develop his skills through different activities. Wish great success of this centre. I strongly recommend this centre to parents.

-Shafiqur T

What a truly awesome child care centre. Both my girls love it here and I like how they are together rather than separated. I would happily recommend Learning Curves to any family looking for a centre. The staff are very friendly and engage in a variety of activities that follow the interest of the kids or ignite their interests.

-Everlynn H

An awesome Childcare centre with wonderful staff. Both my kids love going there and enjoy the wide range of activities they have to offer. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

-Libby R

Both of my boys have loved this centre. The teachers are great and really family orientated. I love all the events they invited us too.

-Bonnie M

Best thing I have ever done for both my child and my sanity. Love the team at Learning Curves; they make it feel like a 2nd home. I would definitely recommend them.

-Lisa C

Now taking children from 6 months old!
Now taking children from 6 months old!
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